Our mission


Our expertise and experience in commodity trading, its markets, the associated risk management and technology solutions, is a niche business area. Its purpose was in the early stages for banks and trading houses active in commodity markets to sustain acceptable risk-reward ratios. Gradually energy companies and utilities prior and during the liberalization process of energy markets, saw the necessity of integrating a business unit with professionals who have the know-how and expertise in risk management consulting that CForsa’s team members have. Nowadays there are a lot of processing companies (partly) active in a commodity supply chain that have significant exposure to commodity prices, but do not have the tools and experience to handle the risk and price volatility. As a consequence year-on-year they see their profit fluctuating if not worst, decreasing since the processes and the associated issues along the production / supply chain is poorly understood, with the results that non optimal top-down decisions are made.

Risk Management
Risk Management


Our main goal is to form a symbiosis with our clients who are active in the commodity supply chain. We offer management consulting services and apply our methodologies to better understand our clients’ processes. We optimize the process flow where needed and structure the existing systems in order to bring the risk-reward ratio to a satisfactory level.

Our Clients