About us

Who we are

We are a group of business consultants, commodity trading and technology professionals who have gained experience while working for major multinationals, operating in the financial and commodity trading markets. The skills, tooling and philosophy from trading and risk management we have adapted and where possible enhanced, to help our clients participating in the commodity supply chain.

Most of us have worked for major commodity producing and trading multinationals (energy companies, oil majors, banks and international trading houses). Among us our Traders, Structurers, Quantitative Analyst, Sales Originators and IT Developers. We share the belief that the niche knowledge / practices used within banking and trading house need to be made accessible to a wider range of corporations who have price risk exposure to global commodities markets.

Business Consultant

Our business consultants have on average 15 Years of Experience

in the fields of

Front Office Experience

Commodities Trading

Sales Origination

Quantitative technology development

We at CForsa offer our tailored services to customers who are active in the commodity supply chain and are among others:

  • Commodity processing companies
  • Logistics & Transportation enterprises
  • Vendors of Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) systems
  • Trading houses and banks

Our main goal is to form a symbiosis with our clients who are active in the commodity supply chain. We offer management consulting services and apply our methodologies to better understand our clients’ processes. We optimize the process flow where needed and structure the existing systems in order to bring the risk-reward ratio to a satisfactory level.

Our Clients